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Entertainment Law

Winning litigation strategies on behalf of clients in all areas of the entertainment world.

We represent entertainers, business people, organizations, and other parties in a wide variety of entertainment-related disputes. From copyright and theft of idea to defamation and right of publicity, we have built a reputation for successfully and efficiently litigating complex and challenging entertainment cases against large and well-funded adversaries.

In entertainment litigation matters, there can often be a significant imbalance between the relative power and leverage amongst the parties. Our legal team aims to level the playing field against a deep-pocketed opposition, providing world-class representation with a cost-effective approach that meets our clients’ budgets and needs.

Whether representing plaintiffs or defendants in entertainment litigation, we represent parties throughout all aspects of the litigation process, from determining whether a valid claim exists through initial pleadings, discovery, pre-trial proceedings, and on through trial and appeals, if necessary.

We have worked with individual and institutional clients on both the talent and business side of the entertainment world, and have the experience to litigate matters in a variety of areas, including TV, film, and music. We frequently work with strategic partners to win results for clients, and, if we are unable to represent your interests, may be able to refer you elsewhere.

Our relationships with our clients are our highest priority, and we always provide consistent communication.

We represent businesses and individuals in the following areas:

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