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Whether you are a trustee, an executor, or a beneficiary, we will guide you through estate and trust disputes.

Working with an experienced litigator will help ensure that the wishes of your loved ones are given effect and protected.

Unfortunately, the death of a loved one is often further complicated by disputes over their estate. When a person dies, he or she usually leaves behind assets and/or debt. If a creditor claims that the deceased owed them money, or if the beneficiaries of the will or trust believe that the instrument is not valid, the resulting contest is considered estate litigation.

The attorneys at Annigian Ryan LLP have litigated and otherwise helped to resolve our clients’ estate and trust disputes for two decades. Our litigation efforts in the estate and trust field have resulted in the recovery of millions of dollars for our clients.

We understand how difficult dividing the estate of a loved one can be. Be assured that we will be able to guide you through the complex and sometimes arduous process of estate and trust litigation and that we will take the time to address your concerns.

We work with you to resolve complicated disputes.

We represent both trustees and beneficiaries in litigation matters.

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